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This is one of the first signs of a death spirit of suicide trying to move in. We have looked at the journals some of these young people bring in and can quickly see the depth of the darkness that is overshadowing them. As they write and meditate on these writings those spirits gain strength. If murder and violence are present in one generation it can manifest with violent abuse in another with the intention to destroy.

Breaking Free: Discover the Victory of Total Surrender

The abuse may start at the hands of a father and then be repeated and increased with boyfriends and husbands. One of my clients had her vocal cords cut as she was first abused at the hands of her father as he was choking her. She subsequently lost her voice with cut vocal cords during surgery and it happened again as a result of repeated spousal abuse.

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The enemy wanted her and that sound of intercession silenced! The enemy cannot have our eternity, so he attempts to kill our testimony. If you are seeing this pattern of death and destroyed dreams in your life then maybe its rooted in something that came in to your family bloodline with a curse of death. If you need help identifying that strategy call us. As a postscript, I have included a link to a prayer to break curses of death that may be helpful until you or the person you are praying for can get for counseling.

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You too can call unto God and he will surely answer you in Jesus name. Prayer point O God I thank you because I am alive only by your grace. O God forgive me of all my sins and have mercy on me in Jesus name. You heaven of my prayers open now and never close again in the name of Jesus. Holy Ghost fire, arise and fight for me in Jesus name.

Let the fire of the Holy Ghost, waste all my enemies in Jesus name. Let the bulldozer of God, pull down every room of darkness I am caged in, in Jesus name.

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Let the hand of God, uproot every evil tree that has harbor my glory of fruitfulness in Jesus name. Let every dark room of witchcraft, that is harboring my reproductive organ, be set ablaze in Jesus name.

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Every evil instrument, used to collect my sperm in the spirit realm thereby making my sperm unproductive in real life, catch fire in Jesus name. Let every witchcraft abattoir, where the enemies take me to, to abort my pregnancies in the spirit realm, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

Every chain of darkness tying me down, and preventing me from moving forward, catch fire in Jesus name. Strongman of darkness, using the glory of my fruitfulness, fall down and die in Jesus name.

Prayer Points To Cancel The Spirit Of Rejection

Every ancient room in my family lineage, that has caged all the destiny children in my family, I come out of you in Jesus name. Every good thing stolen from my life, and has been taken to the grave by a dead relative, you grave open and vomit them by fire in Jesus name. Every idol power house in my village, where names of unborn generations are dedicated, catch fire in Jesus name. In clear language, this powerful book teaches the reader about influences of the spirit of death.

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But, the emphasis is on how to break free from its grip! Through stories, scripture, and wonderful insight, this book empowers the reader to hope anew in the promise of abundant Life. The book concludes with a powerful prayer severing ties with the spirit of death and embracing Life!