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This second material requires special hardware inside the printer, so only the X5 supports it. It does seem to take much longer than regular plastic printing, though.

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A relatively small bike valve wrench like the one below took about 10 minutes to print. Need a Tool? One of our employees needed one for his bike and was able to print it in under 10 minutes on Markforged printer! Neither of these new printers are priced for consumers.

1001 Dark Nights

Businesses can even pick up the X3 printer and upgrade it later to be compatible with the secondary fiberglass filament support, essentially turning it into the X5. The MakerBot Replicator used to cost a few thousand dollars, and you had to build it yourself. Metal printing at home might not be safe, but maybe carbon fiber printing will be.

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This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. The bricks-and-mortar structure allowed the layers to form cooperative hydrogen bonds, which gives rise to what Kotov called "the Velcro effect"—one of the reasons the material is so strong.

Making Plastic as Strong as Steel

Such bonds, if broken, can reform easily in a new place. Kotov is developing methods to apply the composite in the development of microelectromechanical systems MEMS and devices, as well as microfluidics devices for actuation and valve manufacturing. In addition to military uses, improving the ductility of the researchers' nanoinfused plastics could aid in the development of dent and scratch-resistant cars and windshields.

Now that the researchers have created a composite exhibiting resistance to deformation stiffness and resistance to load strength , they are working to improve the composite's ability to dissipate energy, thus improving its toughness, says U.

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Defense Department, which was interested in developing more effective armor for the Air Force's unmanned aerial craft as well as for vehicles and body armor for other branches of the armed forces. The cost of this composite is difficult to estimate, Kotov says.

The components are inexpensive and the process does not require large energy expenditures, but it is by no means a fast process. Cost will depend largely on how efficiently processes are developed to create nanoinfused composites and whether these composites need to be produced in high volumes.

DJ Duke x Large Professor - Hard as Steel | DJ DUKE

For highly specialized technologies such as MEMS and microfluidics devices, cost would not be as great an issue as it would in creating large sheets of armor. The development of these composites is also expected to take less of a toll on the environment, because this superstrong polymer does not require the high temperatures or great energy expenditures required to make steel.

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