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With more technology available to more people than ever, the following cutting-edge applications may provide new ways to motivate people like you to live healthier lives. If you want to put your money where your scale is, join DietBet , a four-week social-dieting game. Participants put real money on themselves, and the first to lose 4 percent of their body weight wins. Courtesy of Lose it! The Lose It! Health-O-Meter scale uses Bluetooth technology to sync weight information with the popular Lose It app; the same app can be used to track exercise goals, sleep patterns, and calorie intake.

Rolling out in September nationwide, the scale connects you to three million other active users in the Lose It online community who share similar goals, making weight loss an engaging, interactive challenge as members stay accountable to a larger group. According to company research, users with the scale lost two-and-a-half times more weight than those without one.

A study from the University of Kansas Medical Center followed a group of 20 overweight or obese people through a three-month weight-loss program.

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Basics of Burning Fat. Fat Burning Zone Myth. Mix Cardio Intensities. Exercise Consistently. Lift Weights. View All. The body primarily uses fat and carbohydrates for fuel. A small amount of protein is used during exercise, but it's mainly used to repair the muscles after exercise.


The ratio of these fuels will shift depending on the activity you're doing. For higher-intensity exercises, such as fast-paced running, the body will rely more on carbs for fuel than fat.

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That's because the metabolic pathways available to break down carbs for energy are more efficient than the pathways available for fat breakdown. For long, slower exercise, fat is used more for energy than carbs. When it comes to weight loss, it doesn't matter what type of fuel you use. What matters is how many calories you burn as opposed to how many calories you take in. High-Intensity Cardio. Overtraining Overuse injuries Burnout Inconsistent workouts Growing to hate exercise.

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Some examples of high-intensity workouts:. You'll find that 20 minutes is usually the recommended length for this kind of workout and most people wouldn't want to go much longer than that. Alternate a hard segment e. Repeat this series for the length of the workout, usually around 20 to 30 minutes. If you do this workout right, you shouldn't be able to breathe, much less talk. Moderate-Intensity Cardio. Moderate-intensity workouts have some great benefits such as:.

Moderate workouts allow you to work at a more comfortable pace, which means you may be more consistent with your program. You can usually get into the moderate heart rate zones with a variety of activities, providing you work hard enough. Even raking leaves or shoveling snow, if you do it vigorously enough, can fall into that category.

Low-Intensity Activity.

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle (4 Simple Tips)

Taking a stroll Light gardening A long, slow bike ride A gentle stretching routine. Your body becomes more efficient at delivering and extracting oxygen. Simply put, this helps your cells burn fat more efficiently. Your body has better circulation.

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That means fat is more readily available for fueling the body. Your body increases the number and size of mitochondria. Tips for Consistent Exercise. Use these ways to ensure you are exercising regularly:. Schedule exercise. Split up your workouts.


You can get the same benefit from short workouts spread throughout the day as do with continuous workouts. Change daily routines to incorporate activity. Park at the edge of the parking lot at work to add more walking time, or add an extra lap at the mall when shopping. Integrating more activity into your usual routines will help you stay active, even if you don't have time for a structured workout. Make exercise your focus. Schedule the rest of your day around it instead of trying to squeeze it in when you can. If it's not a priority, you won't do it.

Just some of the benefits include:. Preserves muscle mass.

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If you diet to lose weight, you actually risk losing muscle as well as fat. Keeps your metabolism going. Lifting weights and maintaining muscle helps keep the metabolism up, even if you're cutting your calories. Helps you burn extra calories. That means that you burn calories during your workouts, but your body continues to burn calories even after your workout to allow your body to get back to its pre-existing state. Use these strategies to burn more fat when strength training:. Compound Movements : Movements that involve more than one muscle group e.

Lift Heavy Weights : If you're a beginner, you should work your way up to heavy weights over time. Once your body is ready for more, lifting heavy forces your body to adapt by building more lean muscle tissue to handle that extra load.

Circuit Training : Circuit training is a great way to burn more calories by combining high-intensity cardio along with strength training exercises. A Word From Verywell. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns? Article Sources.