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Before this though. I was a pretty vocal atheist. When I was a very young child in the 90's and I was forced to attend these stupid fucking religious classes I'd ask my mom why we had to pay for our religion. I also could only be bribed into goingg to church if they bought me toys at Toys R' Us. I was so hard to take to church the whole family on both side would go and would just leave me home for a few hours cause I was so awful to deal with. Win win for me! I got to play video games and eat cookies with milk while those dumb cunts were sitting on their asses in church which took them over an hour to get ready for just so they can spend a few hours with other idiots comparing clothing.

That was almsot 2 decades ago. I'm 22, home owner, atheist, got a dog, a nice luxory vehicle and a decent job that I don't dread and well.. This notion atheists are grumpy dicks is just bullhsit, we're generally a happy and lovely bunch, but we get pissed off and irked at religion and rightfully so, its fucking stupid. I just wish we felt this way about all superstitious bullshit like ghosts, spirits, meditation, etc. All of that is just fucking stupid.

The 21st century atheist

If you believe any of that, you're a fuckin' retard and should probably be receiving benefits from the government cause you're a mental waste case. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that No True Scotsman knows what a pure atheist is. I personally think that's a load of crap, but logical and philosophical debaters will jump all over that indefensible statement. Burden of proof, etc.

What Is Good?

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We can save atheism from the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris

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Western universalism, Gray scoffs, is very provincial indeed. The same pattern appears again and again, Gray finds, as a mode of thought overthrows religion, only to imitate some of its characteristic intellectual moves. But the impulse to identify evolution with progress has proved hard to resist, as has the temptation to lend evolution a hand with eugenics. Such prophecies were numerous in the twentieth century: The illustrious scientist J. Bernal imagined humans becoming creatures of pure light, Arthur C.

Answering Atheists with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

And above this ridge new peaks will rise. Yuval Noah Harari is more ambivalent, pointing out that this new version of humanity, which he calls Homo Deus , may not see much point in keeping old and unimproved specimens of its predecessor species around. Gray, as usual, finds these supposedly daring speculations to be merely variations on an ancient tune: the age-old dream of transcending physical limitations and historical contingency and uniting with the Absolute.

Pure Atheism

Not all modern atheists are unwitting Christians. Some are unwitting Gnostics. In that ancient mystery religion, remember, the earth was created by a malevolent demiurge, while a transcendent God dwells, inaccessible, in a realm of light, unknowable except by those who receive a special, secret revelation.

The baneful lure of esoteric knowledge—ideology—is, Gray argues, responsible for the modern political religions. That each of these movements was irrational, intolerant, authoritarian, and apocalyptic—hence religious, on one view of religion—no one can dispute. But he also contends with passionate or existential atheists, rebels who cannot forgive God for the horrors of the world or the miseries of their own natures.

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Finding himself beset by impulses to cruelty and sexual domination, he ascribed them to Nature, which, after the eighteenth-century French fashion, he equated with God. Instead he changed one unforgivable deity for another. Empson, a literary critic, derived an intense revulsion against Christianity from studying Paradise Lost , in which God is an all-powerful tyrant who created Hell and consigned to it a large part of human- and angel- kind.

Why does it matter that Bolshevism and Nazism both have certain structural and psychological resemblances to Christianity? Christianity has pervaded Western culture for over 1, years; its traces are bound to be everywhere—even in atheisms. In fact, some of the resemblances Gray claims to see between Christianity and various types of atheism are less than compelling. Hence his concern with the extreme, unworldly, uncompromising character of the thinking of many who believe they have emancipated themselves from Christianity.

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  7. It is a useful interpretive approach, from the viewpoint of mental hygiene—even if he sometimes takes aim at largely blameless thinkers like Hume, Kant, Mill, Marx, Darwin, and Russell. At last, just as many readers will have begun to wonder if any Western thinkers ever succeeded in freeing themselves from monotheism, millenarianism, and Gnosticism, Gray introduces us to his favorite atheists: the anti-progressives and the mystics.

    George Santayana was a philosopher of amiable imperturbability. In , Pew found that American atheists are overwhelmingly young and male , with 38 percent between the ages of 18 and 29, and 67 percent male.

    The False Equation of Atheism and Intellectual Sophistication - The Atlantic

    Pew also found that atheists in America tend to be college educated at higher rates than the rest of the population, with some 43 percent of atheists holding a college degree, compared to 29 percent of the general population. Polling data gathered by the Atheist Census depicts an even more pronounced split when it comes to age and education, and shares conclusions with Pew on the gender makeup of American atheism, with roughly two-thirds of atheists identifying as male.

    For Richard Dawkins, the fact that Islam is inherently violent is as obvious as the fact that everyone should believe as much. More telling yet are his other prejudices, expressed with equal certitude and impatience: that western feminists have no legitimate problems compared to women in Muslim majority countries; that good pornography would set theocracies aright, had we the magnanimity to bestow it upon them. And perhaps this is another parallel with the religious attitudes New Atheism takes as its target: Like any number of global faiths, New Atheism presumes its framework and considers its truth-claims to be either self-evident or demonstrable by whatever means it already assumes legitimate.

    Its id is a product of the cultural and political landscape in which the majority of its congregants find themselves, which is again true of the religions it nonetheless essentializes to particular texts, creeds, and dogmas. And, like any other religion, its adherents can take its reasoning too far, and cross the line into violence.