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Best Overall Dry Herb Vaporizers

Our high tech keeps you in control. We also rode down Market Street with rock star Jenny Lewis. Ever wanted to know how vape pens work?

NY Legalizes Medical Marijuana: How Vaping Pot Is Different from Smoking

We break it down for you here. Let us show you a good time. Well come join us.

Vaping vs. smoking pot: What's safer, and does the high feel the same?

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10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of October - Reviewed & Ranked

I don't smoke joints anymore. With combustible smoking methods, users get a general idea of how much marijuana they are consuming. While some vape pens signal when a user has reached a specific dose, more often than not a person can't see the physical marijuana and may therefore vape without realizing how much marijuana they actually consume. As a result, they may get higher than they would from combustible methods. A small study in JAMA found this to be true. After researchers had some people use vapes and others smoke marijuana, they discovered the vape users felt higher and some even vomited or hallucinated after vape use.

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What's more, infrequent users who vape could experience greater feelings of anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and hallucinations, the researchers found. Since vape use could impair users and put them and others in dangerous situations, people should evaluate their circumstances before using one of these devices and consuming marijuana in general. Julia Naftulin. On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said more than "possible cases" of vaping-related lung illnesses have been reported so far, both from nicotine and cannabis-containing vapes.

Four people have died , and there may be another death under investigation. There are a variety of ways to consume marijuana and nicotine. Smoking and vaporizing are two of the most popular methods. It's unclear how many hospitalizations have been due to vaping nicotine versus marijuana. When it comes to marijuana consumption, both methods come with risks, but smoking is thought to release more carcinogens from marijuana than vaping, Dr. Marijuana vaping poses other serious health risks because many of the pens use cannabis extracts or introduce toxins during their production process.

Vaping can also get infrequent marijuana users higher than smoking.

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Nearly all of the studies that have been conducted about vaping were done using a type of flower vape, such as the Volcano or other tabletop vaporizers, Loflin says. The Volcano is a classic and expensive vape that uses both convection and conduction heating to create vapor from plant material that's collected in a bag, which then inflates like a balloon.

Devices like this are effective, but often unwieldy and tend to be difficult to dose. The vape pens work similarly to e-cigarettes , meaning they are essentially a battery attached to a heating coil that holds a cartridge. The cartridge contains cannabis extracts suspended in some sort of liquid filler, which could be propylene or polyethelene glycol often found in e-cigs or it could be MCT oil or, more recently, liquid terpenes.

What's the FDA's role in regulating marijuana?

So, in general, Dr. Tishler advises his patients to stick with vaporizers that work with plant material rather than oil cartridges. But whatever you choose, the quality of the stuff you're putting in the vaporizer matters just as much as the device itself, Loflin says. Both pesticide residue and mold have been found on herb, for instance. And when it comes to vape pens especially CBD varieties , they may not always contain what they say. So, as always, it pays to get your stuff from a trustworthy source.

If you're going with herb the actual plant material , then you'll want to decide whether you want a vaporizer that uses conductive heating, convective heating, or a combination of the two. A vape that uses a conductive heating method places the plant material right in contact with the heating element, which means there's still a chance that it will burn unless the temperature is well controlled.

With convective heating, on the other hand, the heating element doesn't come in direct contact with the herb, but rather heats up the air around it. Vape pens work entirely differently because they're heating oil, not plant material. There are pros and cons to both—vapes that use conductive heating tend to be cheaper while those that use convective heating may have less stable temperatures because the air may cool as you draw in, for instance—which is why Dr. Tishler prefers vapes that combine the two. The most important component, though, is that you have some method of monitoring the temperature of the vape.

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That might be done directly on the device with a digital thermometer or lights that change color or through the use of a bluetooth-connected app, for instance. In addition to the way your vape works and the quality of the cannabis you're using, your own physiology—including any conditions you might have—could also affect your experience.

And if, after everything, you decide that vaping isn't right for you, that's totally OK. Curiously, there is even scattered evidence that cannabis can ease the symptoms of asthma in some cases. So, if you do have a chronic condition that could interfere with your cannabis consumption, and with so many other ways to consume cannabis without smoking , you can work with a medical professional to figure out what makes the most sense for you.

If you do want to try vaping your cannabis, here are a few options that we'd suggest looking into. Based on our experts' advice, we looked for devices that offer some method of monitoring their heat level via a digital display, app, or light color , work with plant material some will also take concentrates , are relatively portable, and come with great reviews.

And all the devices on this list meet at least a few of those criteria. This vaporizer, from the makers of the classic Volcano, combines convection and conduction heating for an efficient, even draw in a portable device. It works with plant material and comes with an app that displays and controls the temperature. With its sleek and intuitive design and this limited edition fuchsia color , the PAX 3 is the perfect vape for any stylish beginner.